Our Story

In the early 2000s, Lynda Winkowski owned a successful pet business in which she interacted with, loved, and cared for many dogs. Throughout those years, she noticed that tear stains and excessive watery discharge from their eyes was extremely common.

Knowing eye contact is an important way we connect with dogs, she wanted to ensure this connection could stay clear and stay free of tear stains. She wanted more than a temporary clean-up; she wanted a preventative supplement. Lynda partnered with her trusted vet to develop a safe and effective solution. And the Angels’ Eyes formula was created.

Today, Angels’ Eyes continues to specialize in tear stain support and is the #1 selling brand helping take dogs and cats from tear to clear. While the original formula has evolved over the years, the mission behind Angels’ Eyes remains the same: keep the connection clear, so you (and your pet) can always see the love.