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  • What to Do When Your Cat's Eyes Are Watery and Itchy

    Discover what could be causing your cat’s watery and itchy eyes and the best ways to treat them and bring them relief for good.
  • Why Your Dog’s Ears Are Itchy and How to Soothe and Clean Them

    This post will inform pet parents how to tell if their dog’s ears are bothering them, why their dog’s ears get dirty and/or irritated, how to clean and soothe them at home (including the use of wipes and drops, as well as other measures like not allowing them to roll in the grass during pollen season, etc), and when to see a vet.
  • The Complete Guide to Managing Your Dog’s Tear Stains

    Tear stains are incredibly common. But with regular treatment, like daily cleaning using specially formulated tear stain removal solutions, your dog’s eyes can be clean and clear for good.
  • How to Prevent Dog Tear Stains

    In the world of pet care, dog tear stains can be a persistent and puzzling problem, affecting the aesthetics and well-being of our beloved furry f...