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Before (2)

My name is Marianne Taylor (My Dog is Blu)

I have been using now since March the 1st of 2019, the Angels’ Eyes natural tear stain soft chews with my dog to help remedy the maroon fur in the corners of his eyes but in the fur and also the fur going closer towards his snout. The first picture is Blu in March of 2018. He was 13 months old and his eyes are a deeper maroon color in the inside corners in his fur right by his eyes and further over going closer towards the snout area. The second photo is in May of 2019 and he is 2 years and 3 months now. I have used the Angel Eyes gentle tear stain wipes almost always with him round the insides of his eyes and the fur near his eyes and his tears and chemistry in his tears made his eyes still maroon in that area. Now I’ve been using the angel eye’s natural tear stain soft chews since March first of 2019 he has been looking so much better The deeper maroon color is never there anymore.

Marianne Taylor



This product is amazing. For about 30¢ a day, this is the before and after of my dog, Phoebe.Sue Anne Laramy Park


Whitney Eubank

Hi, I recently ordered your product through Amazon and I wanted to thank you so much for the product. I got my Boston Terrier, Petey, from rescue about 6 months ago and he had the WORST tear stains, from his eyes all the way down to his mouth (pictures attached). I couldn’t clip away any of the staining since he has short hair, and I tried several natural remedies such as a little Vaseline under his eyes, washing his face daily, etc, but nothing helped until I found Angel’s Eyes. After using the product for two months, he is completely tear stain free! Thank you so much for making him handsome again!


Laura Stoeker

This is 100% a direct result after using your product for about 6 weeks. Everything else we tried – using filtered water in his diet, a vast array of Over The Counter products that did nothing, etc. Your product works! Thank you.

The Skulnik family

I went to the Groom Expo in Hershey Pa in September of 05 and met the most wonderful people from Florida. Yes, everyone there was trying to sell something, but the people from the Angels’ Eyes booth where happily giving out great information and not being pushy about it. I bought two bottles of Angels’ Eyes because I raise Himalayans & Persians Kittens, and they have unsightly eye stains. I’ve tried everything you can think of up to now and being a dog groomer I have lots of customers that ask about this problem. I started all my Cats on this Angels’ Eyes stuff and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that in just a few weeks the eye stains where fading away and their eyes are looking GREAT !!!!! Today I called and ordered 12 more bottles, I have customers waiting for my first Shipment. I plan to keep this in my shop at all times. You have to try it and see for self!

Joyce Fischer-Fischer’s Dog Grooming – Fredericksburg, PA

Dear Angel Eyes, I don’t know where to begin in thanking you for saving my dogs. My dogs have endured years of visits to the vets for tests and treatment due to tear staining. I have tried over 50 different products to cure tear staining and none have worked. I came across the Angel Eyes website by a mistake and read the success stories I ordered my first bottle and take a look at the difference in my dog in just 3 weeks. It is so easy to use and the dogs like it! Thanks Angel Eyes.

Gill from UK

Here are before and after pictures of Brandi Mencacci since I have been giving her Angels’ Eyes, this is just with one bottle and I just ordered another. Thanks!

Melanie Mencacci


I tried different products with absolutely no results. However, after using the Angel Eyes on April 15th, 2006 the results were clearly seen almost immediately. It’s been less than 3 weeks since adding Angel Eyes to her food when I took this “after” photo and every day it gets better and better. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I’ll be showing these before/after photos to a pet store that I had visited who expressed interest when I inquired if they carried this product. The owner wants me to report back to her and I sure will.


Dear Angel’s Eyes, your dog formula really works. Our cockapoo Topsy used to be very teary making her face stained brown. Now, her face is clear and there are no more tears.

Pam and Roger

Dear Angel Eyes. You’ve saved my sanity, and my puppies eyes! My toy poodle, Peaches is now almost 18 months old and from the day I brought her into my home at 3 months, she has had this ugly brown gunk under her eyes. I tried everything … eye drops, tear stain remover – you name it and I tried it. I thought she was destined to have that nasty stuff under her eyes for the rest of her life. Then, I found Angel Eyes and the world changed. I got my sanity back because I was no longer looking for solutions and Peaches got the beautiful clean white hair around her eyes back. I can’t thank you enough and if there’s anyone out there reading this wondering what to do to clear up their pet’s eyes … BUY ANGEL EYES … and BUY IT NOW!!!

Patricia D. Hamilton -Hamilton Consulting Group

Thank you so much for Angels’ Eyes! My white poodle had horrible tear stains and I tried everything – wipes, drops, you name it. My groomer suggested I try Angels’ Eyes and I gave it a shot. Not only did it work, but it was so easy. She hated me wiping her eyes or putting drops in them….I just mix the Angels’ Eyes in her food and she never knows! Now I would never imagine not giving it to her. This stuff is amazing! Thank You for something that works!


Your product is wonderful! I am sending you a few of Bonnie’s pictures, before she started taking Angel Eyes, 4 weeks after, and now, 7 weeks after starting her on Angel Eyes every night with her dinner. Each time she goes to be groomed, more and more of the old stained hair is trimmed away, and now her black eyelashes and the black rims of her eyes look clear and clean. In addition to the red stains growing out, her eyes no longer tear and drip and she is not wet and messy anymore. Thanks again for a great product!

Joan Brady

We tried everything for the stains on our beautiful Maltese Lucy, including having her only drinking bottled water, distilled water, using different products from the pet store, peroxide on the stained areas all with no improvement. But it wasn’t until we saw the before and after photos on your web page that convinced us to give Angel Eyes a try. We saw great improvement within the first week and are extremely happy about your amazing product which is so easy to use. Thanks,

Bill & Donna

Here are before and after photos taken of Zoe Rose Doggins using Angels’ Eyes product. We are so impressed with this natural product application and what it has done for our little girl that we have recommended it to other Maltese moms and dads with positive results.

Charlotte Domme

Your product worked so well on my pup that I have to send you the pictures! People would always ask me why his face was “dirty” and it drove me crazy. After 4 weeks of using Angel Eyes, he is 100% better! I’m so proud to show people pictures now! We had a hard time at first getting him to eat it, and now we are mixing it with peanut butter daily. Now it’s a treat for him to get his Angel Eyes! I couldn’t be happier with this product! Thanks for making my pup so beautiful!

Lindsey Schmidt

I just would like to let you know that your product has helped our little Princess so much with her appearance. We have bought everything on the shelf to try and remove these stains before they got worse but nothing was working. So far you can tell from the before and after pictures that it has already grown out. We just want our Princess to feel pretty and to be happy. Thanks to Angel Eyes!

The Lopez Family

Thank you, Thank you. Your product has changed our dog’s appearance. I searched high and low for a puppy that did not have tear stains. At about three months, they started to develop. I tried everything!!! I searched the internet, talked to vets, the groomer and nothing worked. One day I was flipping through Botanical magazine and I saw your product. Against the advice of my husband, I ordered your product. It took about two weeks before I could see a difference. By one month, his eyes were clear. It is hard to believe that this product worked so fast.


Before are before and after pictures of our Molly. I can’t believe how well your product works in such a short time! My groomer has taken your web site information she was so impressed! Thank-you so much for making our beautiful dog so pretty!!

Karen & John Rioux

My gorgeous little Gidget was so discolored and pathetic looking from tear staining until I read about Angel’s Eyes. Of course I was dubious and so I took the information about your product to her Vet for approval. She saw no contraindications based on the formula and so in August we began using Angel’s Eyes powder. The “after” photo was taken after only 2 months of treatment. She is stunning even 10 weeks after a grooming. An additional “plus” is she has no odor or doggy breath now. I would like Gidget to be a spokesperson and model for Angel’s Eyes.

Norma Haynes

We were pleasantly surprised that after only 2 weeks of using the product we could see some improvement. Her eyes were completely clear after about 6 weeks. Her groomer was very impressed with the results and has been recommending it to her clientele. Thank you so much!


WOW – I love your product. I have an English bulldog that had terrible tear stains – I tried everything from changing foods to several topical treatments. We cleaned her stains daily and even put corn starch on the area to help. I read about your product and I thought why not give it a try. My first order was a small bottle and I could see the difference in a couple of weeks. My second order I purchased the big bottle because I knew I would be continuing to use your product. Today I am placing a third order just because I don’t want to run out! Gracie loves your product so much in fact that when she doesn’t get it sprinkled on her food she will just sit there waiting!

Heidi C. Hankin – Vestica Healthcare

We were very skeptical about giving Angels’ Eyes to our dog Gizmo. A small Shitzu. However we did purchase this product and also consulted with our Vet as to whether we should use it. He told us in his opinion it was absolutely safe, so we did use it. Gizmo also devoured his regular food and apparently the flavor of the product seemed to make his meals more tasty. After (4) weeks we seen a remarkable difference as the before and after pics show. We have purchased our 2nd bottle from the groomer and will order our next one of 4oz. from your website. We are snowbirds in Florida and when we return to Michigan we will pack this useful product and tell all our friends in Michigan about it.

Jim and Arlene Clark– Tarpon Spring, FL

I am sending photos of the improvement in my poodle, Charlie. I did not expect much from the product, since I have tried countless remedies for this problem, none of which worked well. I am really amazed how well and how quickly this corrected his tear staining problem. I have only been using it for three weeks and there definitely is a profound improvement in his condition. Charlie also seemed to have an allergic problem with his back feet, he would lick between the back toes and that would turn the hair on the paws a dark brown. Since on this product that licking has stopped and no staining on his back feet from the licking. I thought I was overreacting to this but people have mentioned the staining on his paws and eyes are gone; there is a very noticeable improvement since using your product and am bringing your product to the attention of my groomer.rosieHi, just wanted to share a couple of photos of Rosie, a rescued maltese, who is beautiful after being on Angels Eyes for about 7-8 weeks.



Lexi has had many problems with tear stain and we have spent a lot of money with the vet and the groomer trying to help her. Nothing has helped her vet says she has the worst tear stain he has ever seen and the odor was horrible but after just two months of Angels Eyes she is remarkable. We had her hair cut short and she looks great! She is a joy to be around and the odor completely gone. Thank you so much for helping Lexi has a better quality life and being so much fun!

Brenda Allen

Hello! I have just placed an order for another bottle. Attached are two photos of my Maltipoo Lani. She has been staining since she was just a little pup. I tried everything, but when my vet told me Angels Eyes really worked I knew I had to try it. Sure enough I noticed she wasn’t staining so much and after two months it was practically gone. Now I recommend it to anyone who has a tear staining dog. Thanks Angels Eyes! Lani thank you too : )

Amanda Winslett

I had a Maltese for over 13 years, who suffered from the red stains and excessive tearing, he passed away this past December. I had tried everything on him, but had never heard of Angel’s Eyes. I wish I had, his eyes may have been less irritated in the end of his life.This January my teenagers got a little rescue Maltese puppy for me, Miles, who was about 11 weeks old. My immediate reaction was “How Sweet!” then I took a good look at his little face and the horrid red staining he already had at such a young age! I was beyond upset thinking of another 14 years of trying to rid the poor thing of the stains!!! The face and eye trims, the tear duct irrigations, etc. Then a friend of a friend told me about Angel’s Eyes, and told me where to get it locally. I went three days after I got him; started him immediately, and within a few days noticed that the existing stains were there of course, but it had gotten no worse, in fact it had stopped. He went to the groomer that weekend, and the pictures speak for themselves. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I tell everyone I know about it! After all those years and all that money trying any and every product I could find, only this actually worked! Thank you Angel’s Eyes!

Dee Dee Silverstein

Here are before and after pictures of our American Eskimo. As you can see what a difference Angels’ Eyes has made with the red tear staining. We love what this product has done to improve the tear staining. The after photo is of our American Eskimo winning her UKC Championship at the age of 8 mo. WOW Thank you very much!

The Campbells

My dog’s name is Audrey and your tear stain medication has made such a tremendous difference! We recommend it to all of our friends and family that have dogs with tear stains, even strangers! Thanks so much!

Jessica Jeong– Norwood, NJ

I have a 3 year old white Shih Tzu named Snowflake, that has had very dark tear staining since she was a few months old. Her tear stains were so bad they covered just about her entire face from her eyes down. I tried other products that you brush on, rub on, etc. which lightened the stain some but didn’t work well at all and were a pain to do. I was actually embarrassed at how she looked because she was so cute yet with the stains I thought it took away from her looks. I stumbled on Angels’ Eyes about 1 year ago and thought I might as well give it a try. Lo’ and Behold’!!! It’s the first product that not only worked 100%, but actually got to the source of the problem. Within weeks I could tell the difference and before the first (small) bottle was finished she was already completely white. And she has been white ever since! She is now down to taking the product 2 days/week and she is still as white as ever. I have been carrying a before picture with me everywhere to show people the difference (I have her with me so they can see her). I can’t tell you how many people have asked me to provide them with the name of the product and how to get it. I have shown Snowflakes’s groomer who is now checking into ordering it for her pet salon and wants before and after pictures. My veterinarian is very amazed at the difference and has checked the product, agreed it is safe, and wants before and after pictures as well for his office.

Cindy and Snowflake

I used to think that tear stains were going to be a part of our lives forever. I had tried all the at home remedies and decided that I would just have to live with Sugar’s tear staining. Then a friend told me about Angels’ Eyes and it worked very fast. Thanks angel eyes for beautifying my Sugar!!!

Malkreet and Sugar

My Maltese began using Angels’ Eyes 2 months ago and you can already see the improvements. Thanks so much!


Jasmine is a toy poodle who began staining at about 6 months old. She always looked pretty but a bit sick looking. It bothered me for years until I discovered Angel Eyes. It is a life saver! In just 2 months, her staining was completely gone and she is more beautiful than ever! Thanks a million.

Michelle Tepper

I am so thrilled with how my beautiful my little Isabella looks after using Angels’ Eyes!I could not find any way to keep her eyes stain-free until I tried your product – it was like a miracle! Thank you for allowing her true beauty to show!!!

Keri Catalfomo

We are sending you a before and after picture of our bichon, Cricket. When Cricket turned one year old, the area under her eyes had become very red. I took her to the vet to ask what was wrong, and she informed me that nothing was; some dogs’ eyes just “go like that”. We then went through a series of remedies which did very little to help the problem. THEN, we discovered Angels’ Eyes. Man! Within weeks after using it, Cricket looked like a different dog. We loved the result. Before using your product, I took Cricket and the bottle of Angels’ Eyes to our vet to ask if there were anything in the formula that I should be concerned about before giving to Cricket. Our vet saw nothing wrong with the ingredints in Angels’ Eyes. Moreover, she was thrilled to learn of Angels’ Eyes for she has many people ask how to clear up the redness around their pets’ eyes. She has researched your product, determined it to be safe, and is now recommending it!

Allen and Meg

Kerby, our five month old Maltese has been on Angels’ Eyes for 7 weeks and she looks awesome! We tried shampoos and other products but Angels’ Eyes worked by far the best. Thanks for making our puppy look even cuter!

Kerby in Tyler, Texas

Here’s Amigo! As you can see, he had a major tear stain problem when he first came to live with us. I tried every product that was recommended to me…and have a cupboard full to prove it…to no avail. Then Amigo’s ‘hairdresser’ mentioned Angels’ Eyes. Just look at him now! We’re thrilled…and you’d better believe we’re spreading the word around our little corner of Arizona

Ann and Amigo Nason

Below are before and after photos of my Maltese, Madi. I started giving her Angels’ Eyes in mid-December 2007 and OH! what a difference. Previously had tried everything topical with zero success. Frankly, I was embarrassed about her stained face but she is beautiful now – thanks to you! I would highly recommend Angels’ Eyes – I am 100% satisfied with Madi’s results. I intend to keep the Angels’ Eyes coming – I love the way my little Madi looks now.

Donna Scarbary, Macon, GA

I have two bulldogs which are prone to tear stains with the skin folds and allergies, etc… I just couldn’t bring myself to be using the various commercial or home remedy topical applications. It seemed in most cases people had little to no results other than a dog that ran every time they saw a rag or bottle in the owner’s hand. Although I didn’t see any testimonials about bulldogs, I decided to go ahead and try based on the input to your site and reviews I found elsewhere. Lo and behold, in a couple of weeks I realized the heavy dark crud was gone, the stains were lighter and new hair or hair close to the skin was white. I didn’t keep track of time but one day I noticed the tear stains were gone on the male. My girl never had tear stains but she had the same red stains around the vulva. That’s gone as well! As others have mentioned, we don’t do exact measurements either. Just sprinkling an approximate amount on the morning kibble and stirring it around. It works. Thanks from Chubbs and Lizzie.

Blaine Nesbitt, Zion IL

My Maltese, Coconut, lived with tear stains for 3 years. I had to wash his face constantly. A friend told me about Angels’ Eyes, and I immediately ordered some. He eats it without a problem, and I noticed a difference in just 2 weeks. It took a few months for the stained hair to grow out, and now he is beautiful. Everyone who sees him comments on his adorable white face.


Here’s my pride and joy! He’s a 13 ½ year old Maltese named BJ. As you can see, Angels’ Eyes has really turned his coat around. The vets told me there was nothing I could do. I heard about Angels’ Eyes from a friend and noticed a difference in just weeks. His feet and eyes were discolored, but now as white as snow. Thanks! I have told everyone I know that the product is AMAZING!

Pam Wise -Ocala, Florida

Thank you so much for this product! I was very skeptical because my Bichon’s tear stains were so dark and I’ve tried other products that did not work. Angels Eyes is fantastic and well worth the money! We have been using it for about 7 weeks now and the results are amazing! I highly recommend this product!

Teri from New Jersey

I’ve been using your product for a 1 month 1/2. I was very skeptical at first, but now I am a believer….and I will advertise your product to all my friends with dogs / cats. Your product is so easy to use, and the results are unreal. Thanks…..

My Josie was extremely bad, not only her eyes, but her beard and feet as well. I used Angel Eyes for about four or five months until I saw significant white growth, then backed off some, then in another month I stopped all together. Josie has ever since had the most beautiful white face and paws. Absolutely amazing!

Cathy Leschena

Attached are photos of our now 5 month old Maltese puppy, Spitfire. The first photo shows her the day before she started on Angel Eyes. She was adorable but very sad looking because of the tear stains and her face was always wet. About halfway through the 30 gram bottle of sweet potato I could tell this was the answer to making her sweet little face tear free. The second photo is her now, perfectly white, dry and beautiful. Thank you so much for a product that really works.

Leann Harrison

I was skeptical at first to try your product but SO HAPPY we did!! My sweet dog Bentley absolutely loves his scoop of Angel Eyes on top of his food each morning and his tear stains are completely gone after about a year of use (progress was visible all along, his stains were particularly bad and it took several groomings to completely disappear.)

We are lifelong customers now! Thank you!

Arne, Amanda and Bentley Stray

After using your product for the last 18+ months, I wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone! My cute dog Blondie (who I think is a Poodle Havanese mix) started getting teary eyes a few years ago. After about 2 years it was bad…making her pretty Blonde fur dark on her face (eyes and mouth area.) Although I love her no matter what, I thought I would try your product to see if it would help. And after just a couple of months, the difference was amazing…and after about six months her fur was back to normal. We continue to use your product and it keeps her face as cute as ever! Everyone should know that you’re making a difference in one doggies life!

Thank you!

Karen Berline

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful product. This is what my Maltese furbaby looked like upon rescuing her A friend told me about your product and was a little leary at first, her stomach was so sensitive & I was hesitant that it would work but bought it anyway after reading the reviews ! I purchased at our I am AMAZED !!!! After only 10 days and a hair trim around the eyes, her staining is 95% gone !! And did not upset her stomach!! I had to attach a before and after pic to show. Her red stains were horrible !!!!!! THANK YOU !!Lori Zielinski

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful product. While googling remedies for my Maltese/mix’s red eye stains, I came across your product online.I was hesitant that it would work but bought it anyway after reading the reviews !!I am AMAZED !!!! After only 10 days and a hair trim around the eyes, her staining is 95% gone !! I had to attach a before and after pic to show. Her red stains were horrible !!!!!! THANK YOU !!

I have been using your product on my Havanese Reba for a month. There has been a huge difference in the tear staining around her eyes. I have tried so many topical products and they have not worked. I am so glad that I tried your product and will continue to do so. Thank you for making my dog look great!~


Peppermint’s head photo shows her tear staining, which was actually worse than this photo. Peppermint enjoying shows the results after 4 weeks of using your excellent product, and believe me I have tried everything on the market, even stuff for humans from the chemist, and NOTHING WORKED until now, Thanks!!!

Suzanne & Peppermint

I just wanted to show you how wonderful my little ones look now. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market today, and NOTHING compared to the results we have gotten with Angels’ Eyes!!!! I am amazed! The before pictures were taken just before starting with your product…The after photos are ONLY 3 weeks later and they haven’t even had a bath in 2 weeks when they were taken. Thank You!

Mary (Cody & Teddy) from Ohio

I have an 11 month old Maltese named “Gus” I have tried every over the counter product for tear stains, changing his diet, and even daily cleanings to try to prevent or even reduce the staining. None of these worked. I heard about angels’ eyes through an online pet supply and decided to try it on Gus. After just one week of using your product, I noticed results. Within two weeks, almost all the stains were gone and his coat was even whiter than before. Your product is AWESOME!!


I am sending you the before and after photos of our Coton-a-poo, CC. This was the first white puppy we had and it was going to be a big chore to keep her eyes clean and pretty because of the tear staining and she obviously did not like it when we tried to remove the stain and gunk that came with it. After just a few weeks and less than one bottle of Angels’ Eyes that entire problem is gone. Her beautiful black eyes are just that now, without the staining. We are now reducing how often we give the treatment to her and everything continues to look great. CC, my wife, and I thank you immensely for this product and will be ordering more for years to come.

Terry Thomas

I just wanted to say thank you from myself, my wife and our dog Trooper.Angel Eyes cleared up Troopers problem in under a month. We found an old picture of Trooper with tear stains before we started treatment and we also enclosed a recent picture of his beautiful new face. What can we say, other than it works better than we ever expected. We wish you all the best and now we are starting treatment on our latest addition, a little New Orleans poodle named Sugar that we adopted thanks to Hurricane Katrina. Thank you so much!

Bart & Barbara Peluso

Under much protest, I started my Bichon Sammy on Angel Eyes on August 27th. Pam with Canine Designs was so adamant that I at least give Angel Eyes a try that she gave me my first bottle at no charge. When I began using Angel Eyes, Sammy was discolored from licking so much on his back, paws even around his mouth was a dark brown.It has been almost three months and Sammy is completely white. Any new hair that has grown is completely snow white. Even though I was hesitant at the beginning I do believe Angel Eyes made Sammy look like the fluffy little Bichon he used to be!

Lenore Petry

I am sending these pictures to let you know that I had used Angels’ Eyes on my Maltese as per instructions. After two weeks she got her hair cut and we could not believe how white and bright her eyes and face looked. I was so impressed that I recommended Angels’ Eyes to a friend in Atlanta, Ga. I was hesitate in using anything on my little girl but after researching the active ingredient, I felt comfortable enough to try it. Now I have placed my second order. Zoe is the heart of our life and now her face is so bright everyday.


Attached are before and after photos of my 6 month old Papillon, Wildcard Pink Of Perfection, aka Penny. Penny had terrible tear stains from just a few weeks of age (I am her breeder as well as her owner). Her father has the same issue and I battled it while showing him but never very successfully– he was always slightly pink under the eyes. Now both father and daughter are using Angel Eyes and they look terrific! Thanks!

Stacy Harris

My dog, Shira, had messy, goopy tear stains below both eyes. She also had discoloration around her mouth. After being on Angels’ Eyes, her eyes have completely cleared up and around her mouth is white like it should be! This product really works and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Shira loves the flavor of it and gets really excited when I put it on her food. I’m so glad I found this product!


I am the mom of two beautiful Chinese Crested dogs. Indie the older of the two has had tear stains from 5 months of age.. I had tried everything and was starting to think it was a lost cause. A friend recommended Angel’s Eyes and I was of course willing to try anything at this point. OF COURSE I was skeptical.. but OH MY.. how happy am I after just two weeks I see no sign of Indie’s tear stains! I have been telling everyone I know who’s dogs have tear staining problems. This stuff is great it works and Indie loves how I mix it into his dinner. Thank-you so much I will never be without Angels’ Eyes again! And I know my friends will all have the same great results! I must add that Indie’s staining would get a lot worse then his before picture but I was so embarrassed that I would rarely take pictures without excessive cleaning and clipping before hand. Now I don’t need to!

Lindsay Dolejsi

This is my precious Maltese puppy, Cotton. I cannot say enough good things about Angels’ Eyes – it really works! Just look at the huge difference in Cotton’s eyes! Before using your product, I had tried everything: wipes, hydrogen peroxide, drops, solutions, the vet even thought there was a problem with is tear ducts and he tried to open them up but nothing worked…until I tried Angels’ Eyes! Within one month I could tell a huge difference and within 3 months, his stains were totally gone and he his coat is beautiful and white again. I tell everyone about this product because it works so well. My best friend has a Maltese whose eyes and feet were stained even worse than Cotton’s and she has been using Angels’ Eyes for 2 months and the difference is amazing – his feet aren’t even yellow anymore. Thank you Angels’ Eyes!

Ellen Williams

Hi. I’ve been using your product for a month with my four-year-old Bichon, Wiggles. I’m really impressed with the results. His stains are almost completely gone.

Donna Schwartze

This is Max our 3 1/2 month old Maltese. When we first got him he was 10 weeks old. Max has been using Angels Eyes for about 5 weeks now and he loves it in his food. We first started noticing a difference in his face after about 3 weeks of using it. Before Angels’ Eyes when you looked at him, all you would see was his dirty face. Now you can see his cute brown eyes and handsome face….what a difference. Thank you Angels Eyes your product is great!

S. Altavilla, Saugus, MA

We are so pleased with the results we just ordered another bottle. We definitely were skeptical at first after wasting so much money on other products. We can’t believe the results after 4 weeks of using Angels’ Eyes. Nico looks like a different puppy!

J. DiMatteo

I bought Reggie at 13 weeks and his face was totally clear. I never wanted a white poodle before because of the staining. The breeder told me that he was a dry-eyed dog and would not have the staining problem. I brought him home two days later and very evening, he started tearing and in days, the red stains started to appear. I have only been using your product for about 10 days and as you can see, the stains are gone. I tried other topical products and nothing worked until now.

Cindy Dominick

Our Noah baby is a sweet little Havanese. He developed tear stains at about 6 months old. I can’t tell you how much money I spent on products that did not work. Then I found Angels’ Eyes and it has been wonderful. At first he would not eat it on his dry food so I decided to mix it with a little wet food as a daily treat. He loves it! He comes running as soon as I get the bottle out and start shaking it. I noticed a difference in about a week. After a month we got him cut and you could not tell he had ever had tear stains. Now we can let his hair grow long and not have to keep him so short. Thank you Angels’ Eyes!

Jennifer & Noah

I heard about Angels Eyes from a website called Other Boston terrier owners recommended the product and I was thrilled with the results! The topical products I was using on my dog Emma seemed to do nothing. Angel Eyes provided results in less then one month. She gobbles down her food and never notices the powder.

Jacqueline Malicki

Cookie started getting the brown stain under her eyes when she was about 3 years old. My new groomer told me about Angels’ Eyes. After just a few weeks’ usage the brown stain is gone. I mix the powder with a little canned dog food (she normally eats kibble, but she nibbles at kibble). Using about a tablespoon of canned food, she eats up all of it. She even lovingly licks the last bit of powder from the bowl. Thanks for this great product.
Glory Borgeson
When we first got our pup, Turbo, his eyes were terribly tear-stained. We tried cleansing, trimming,… nothing helped. When we visited our vet, we asked him for suggestions and he told us about Angels’ Eyes, and said all the show dogs used it. We bought the product, and began using it right away. Turbo loves the taste, sprinkled on his food, so giving it to him was no problem. Almost immediately, we began to see changes in tearing, and within 3 weeks Turbo’s eyes were completely free of stains and tearing. The second photo is about 4 weeks after starting on the product. We are amazed and thank you for a great product!

Alisa Kahane

She is beautiful and very kissable. My groomer was wondering what we did to her … we are spreading the news about Angel Eyes. Thank you THANK YOU.

Cristin Pring

My name is ‘Matilda’ and I am a Havanese puppy, 11mths old. I use to have very stained, runny and glunky eyes! Since using ‘Angel Eyes’ I now have beautiful clean and healthy eyes and my owners cannot stop hugging me and taking pics of me all day long. My owners are very clever and at 1st thought that they would not be able to feed me ‘Angel Eyes’ as I am a SUPER fussy eater but with some experimentation they soon found out they could mix the powder with 1/2 slice of turkey or a little chicken and I am in heaven. I am even more grateful to ‘Angel Eyes’ for the little turkey and chicken treat everyday as well as my beautiful new eyes!

Donna Grey-Schenk

Attached are the pictures of our new pet “Maggie”, we have been using your product “ANGELS’ EYES” for just the past seven weeks, and could not be more pleased. Maggie’s eyes are just beautiful now and besides that great news she loves your product. We add it to her morning feeding and she just devours it. Thank you -Thank you

Nancy Kilty

Here are my before and after shots of Fifi. This product works great. I even have my mother using it on Fifi’s cousin! It’s great.


Gail has a terrible eye problem, some of the toy poodles seem to…. Anyway, I tried the Angles’ Eyes product and it is FANTASTIC. Abbi will always use this product from here on out and will always look “Glamorous” like she does in her pictures below.

Laurie, my dog Abbi

I began using “Angel Eyes” on June 1, 2007. It have shown amazing results! Our white toy poodle had tear stains and the only way I could remove them was to clip his face, Since using your product the tear stains have disappeared. I have attached photos to share our amazing results. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!


Little JB is a year old now and such a handsome little pup, thanks to Angels’ Eyes. We were fed up with the eye-wipes, which just seemed to make the stains worse, so we decided to give Angel Eyes a try. We were skeptical about how to get JB to eat it, but just a little sprinkle on his food in the morning and it’s done. JB actually enjoys his food more when the Angel Eyes is mixed in then when its not. Within three days we saw results and after the stained hair grew out and was cut, the stains were gone and no new ones.


I have been using Angels’ Eyes on Codie for about 5 months now, ever since he was a pup. As you can see from the photo’s there has been a marked improvement from when he was just 14 weeks to now. I am delighted with the results obtained from using this product and the ease of use is a blessing.


Meet Grace Kelly. An energetic, loving 1 year old toy poodle. People would see her and the first thing they’d notice would be her stained eyes. Our friend has come by after a month of us feeding her Angels’ Eyes and he couldn’t believe the difference. Not only are we happy with the external results, we’re thrilled at how much she loves the flavor. It was hard for us to get her on an eating schedule but now it’s easy. We sprinkle Angels’ Eyes on her dry food and she eats it, whereas before she would frequently skip meals.

Ken and Pia Maffei

Gracie our two year old Maltese, had terrible tearstains. When we bought her, the breeder said it was due to their well water. So we tried many topical products, and even bottled water for a short time, but still couldn’t get rid of them. I saw a reference to “Angels’ Eyes” on a website and though very skeptical, gave it a try with an open mind. After just 3 weeks, we started to see an improvement and now look at her! We have passed on the “Angels’ Eyes” story to many tearstained Maltese owners we come across – hopefully we’ll see some of them in the future on this success stories site!

Deb Case

Your product is great and all my friends say how great Peluche now looks. They say you can finally see her beautiful face instead of all the redness!!! Thank you.

Sarah Pierce

Meet Jody and Runi, my West Highland Terriers……Runi is a show dog and I was beside myself when I could find nothing to remove this mess on her paws and beard…..and stop her from licking her feet. Finally, her breeder told me about Angels’ Eyes and I ordered our first bottle. At first, I wasn’t going to use it on Jody…..she’s a ‘homebody’, but Runi was cleared up in such record time, I decided to go ahead and get Jody ‘cleaned-up’ ! I’ve told ever so many people about Angels’ Eyes ……it’s really a great product…..and it really works !

I wanted to let you know that we have used Angels’ eyes for our Bichon Frise for about six weeks and the difference is incredible. I have attached a picture of Sunny when we first got him in June of this year (2007) and another taken in early September after one month of treatment. Your product is such a help in his overall appearance and I am glad I found your web site.

John Koehn

As you can see our baby Kipper (Shichon (Bichon/Shitzu), We felt so sorry for him. We tried several other products that was suppose to correct the problem but did not. Not only the red tear stains but his right leg was always wet from his licking. We love what Angel Eyes have done for him, no more tear stains or wet leg. Our Vet & Groomer was shocked at the difference & both wanted your web address, the groomer has posted it on their wall, THANK YOU!! Your product works wonders and Kipper doesn’t mind it in his food. Thank’s ANGEL EYES….We will be looking forward to seeing Kippers pictures on your web site..

Jim & Doris Kirk, Kankakee, Illinois

This is our little Contessa or Tessa as most call her. Just over a year and she is such a performer. Loves kids and is the happiest spoiled little girl ever. Thank you Angels’ Eyes!

Here are before and after pictures of our Coton De Tulear puppy, Jackson. Shortly after we got him his beautiful face became more and more stained and it greatly detracted from his good looks. I had tried several topical products that did nothing at all and were a total waste of money, not to mention the stress on Jackson as I tried to clean under his eyes. I stumbled across the Angel’s Eyes website while researching staining on the internet. I read all the success stories and my first reaction was that this stuff was too good to be true. Boy, were we surprised when, after two weeks on Angel’s Eyes, Jackson’s new fur started growing in white. I got vet approval before starting Angel’s Eyes our vet is just as amazed as we are with the results we have achieved. We are so thankful for this product as our pup’s adorable face no longer is ruined by the staining he once had. THANK YOU Angel’s Eyes – we love, love, love your product!!!

Carolyn Pinkston

Chloe and I thank you!!! When I got Chloe, a small maltese, she soon started to get tear stains. Before long, they were so bad that it looked like her eyes were bleeding. I tried all the over the counter products…especially the ones that swear they work…with no success at all! It was frustrating because it seemed like it was getting worse and there was nothing I could do. My vet had no suggestions and just told me that is normal. My parents were at their vet, in another state, and they saw the Angel Eyes and asked about it. They were told that they had seen good results with it. My parents had seen Chloe and had bad her tear staining had been so they decided to get it for me to try. Chloe has been taking Angel Eyes now for about 5 weeks and all the new hair growth is white as snow! Now, everytime I see any dog that gets tear staining, I immediately tell them about Angel Eyes!!

Dear Angels Eyes, your product is miraculous. I have two white Boxers, one 6 years and one 18 months old. The older bitch, Phoebe, was not too bad with tear stains but the younger, Dexter, was very badly stained, as the photo shows. Since putting them on Angels Eyes we have had many major impact to their health and looks. I cannot praise these results enough, any dog that has the above problems that are not specific to white dogs, who are more sensitive, should use this product. I think that many skin conditions can be dramatically improved with Angels eyes.In the U.K. we have been banned from importing through a dealer because D.E.F.R.A. say it is not approved by them. Well buy from the USA by post, like I do. This is not illegal. My veterinarian says that too many products like this are withdrawn for stupid reasons

~United Kingdom – John Emery, Phoebe and Dexter

Monster’s tear stains were OUT OF CONTROL. Plus the fact that it seemed uncomfortable for her was the final straw. I was hesitant to buy this product but my vet even recommended it. Best decision ever, it took a few weeks but they difference is AMAZING. My pup is only two, and people aren’t calling her old anymore! If your dog is suffering from tear stains, don’t hesitate to buy, I wish I would have sooner!

Missy & Monster

I have never done this before, for any product, but I have to tell you how thrilled I am with the results we got with Angle Eyes! Our Shih Tzu started tearing and staining horribly and it ended up turning his whole face pink. Between the tears and saliva he was a mess. Before trying Angel Eyes I took him to the vet and had his ducts flushed, now only give him filtered water and took him off of wheat. None of it made a difference and the vet bill was over $200.00. I saw the results with Angels’ Eyes quickly and have been slowly cutting away the red and pink fur as his pretty white fur grows in. Thanks again, this is a great product and I have told several friend about it!

Michelle Hess

“I wrote to you a month or so ago….you were kind enough to call me…My dog was not reacting well to the pill…you suggested halving it. IT WORKED! Since he is only 10 lbs, we continued the half and it still happy…. thank you”

Joan P.

I want to thank angel eyes for making my Pretty Sadie Stain free!!!! we just love the chews!!!!Here is a pic after 8 weeks One happy Fur Baby!!!Danni Ericksen

Dear Angels Eyes,We want to Thank You for your product. At first we were skeptical because every other product we tried did nothing! We started out with the powder formula and now we are using the chews. Both products are great! Thanks to Angels Eyes, our Maltese “Baci”, is pure white ;-)!A HUGE THANKS!!!!

The Masciulli Family

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you, for changing the life – or should I say, ‘eyes’ – of my Bichon-frisse, Tr.Poor Tr had previously had terribly weepy eyes, staining his beautiful white face-fur a dirty brown. It got so dirty that I resorted to using White-Out on his face before taking him for walks – I was just so ashamed of him.But then an American cousin of mine, Peggy-Suelynn – she lives in Wyoming, do you know her? – told me about Angel Eyes, and ever since, little Tr has been the talk of the Bichon-frisse town!I have attached a before and after photo – the after is a design my grand-daughter did at school for a project entitled “Create an image of the angel in your life”.I just wanted to say thanks – “THANKS”,


I am attaching some “before and after Angel’s Eyes” pictures of our dog, Lilly. What a difference!!! All the previous staining is gone, and the product is so easy to use. We previously tried everything we could find…without any success. Your product works so well that it is truly miraculous! I placed a “reorder” on your website earlier today. Now that we have Angels’ Eyes, we cannot imagine living without it!!! Thanking you for the answer to our “problem”.

James and Gail Compton, Corvallis, Oregon

“I have a pet grooming business and have been selling Angels’ Eyes for about 6 months. Almost all my customers that had stains on they pets eyes use this product and come back for more! I have had clients come in to buy some and a new person would be asking about it and the client would end up selling the product for us. It works and I have tried them all. Angels’ Eyes is the easiest product to use. Once a day is a plus! If your pet don’t like the taste we recommend putting it in a spoon full of yogurt the dogs love it!! The owners love it and they always tell their friends and their friends and so on … Thanks So Much For A Great Product That Works!!”

Pam, Canine Designs in Chesapeake VA

I wanted to share with all of you one of the most amazing products I have tried on the market today. Anyone who has a dog or cat with tear stain problems must know what I am talking about. I have tried just about everything and can attest that Angel Eyes really works! My Maltese has been using this for only 4 days now and the tear stains are going away! I have used so many products, I was very skeptical, but now I am amazed! And how about ease of use! All you do is put it in their food 1x day! Hey, anyone can keep up with that! Master Chandon Chim-Chim Waffle Tush is such a pick eater, but he loves this!

Kristen Smith Ehlers, Pretty Smith Designs™ FL

You have me convinced. I brought Abby home from the breeder and she already had a good case of tear staining going on. Over the next several months I tried multiple products trying to get rid of the awful stains so I could see her pretty face. The store bought products did nothing. Another one I found on the internet involved a two step process. It did lighten the stains a little, but they never completely went away. I tried a bottle of Angels’ Eyes and was delightfully pleased with the results. I could finally see what a pretty face my Abby has. But I made a big mistake. I thought that once the stains were gone, they wouldn’t come back. WRONG! I should’ve listened to your suggested use and kept up with the Angels’ Eyes for 3 months and then cut back to 4 times a week. I’m now placing an order for 3 bottles and will keep Abby on the Angels’ Eyes from now on.


Dear Angels’ Eyes,This is a miracle product! I LOVE it. My pretty little Yorkie’s face was all tear-stained and in just 3 weeks Joey has clean eyes. I will be renewing my order today! Thank you, Angels’ Eyes!

Carol (and Joey)

I want to share these photos with you. I had tried everything to get rid of the tear stains on my toy poodle, Remi, and nothing worked. You product is absolutely amazing! You have a lifelong customer, and you can be sure that I will recommend this product to other pet owner’s experiencing the same frustration.

Linda King

Truly unbelievable! I had tried everything, to no avail! A customer of mine (I am a petsitter)recommended your product and within one month you can see the results for yourself! Oliver is now adorable and beautiful!! THANK YOU!!!


I must admit that I had my reservations about Angels’ Eyes effectiveness on my 7 month old toy poodle. A few months after bringing him home, his stains began to exceed out of control. I cleaned, wiped and bathed him…. you name it, but only now I’ve seen what really works. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I can certainly tell the difference.

John Ramos

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product! I was skeptical at first, but now I am a true believer after seeing the incredible results on my own bichons. As a National Certified Master Groomer in a top-notch grooming salon, people are always asking me how I keep my dogs’ faces so white… I give them your website and tell them that they won’t be disappointed. I’ve tried other products but I won’t be trying any more, thank you guys so much! Here are some before and after pictures of my bichons, Eve and Eli. Thanks again,


Attached are “before” and “after” pictures of my now 18-month old Maltese. I named him Bandit because he stole my heart. The first time I saw this sad looking, 11-month old waif he had been shaved almost down to the skin (because his hair was so matted) and didn’t have much meat on his tiny bones. The “before” picture was taken very shortly after he became a member of our family. The “after” picture was taken exactly 28 days after first taking Angels’ Eyes. Now his appearance reflects the cheerful, energetic, and loving nature that has endeared him to us. Angels’ Eyes has also improved the condition of Bandit’s coat (much more silky and manageable with very few mats) and he no longer has “doggy breath”. I AM DEFINITELY IMPRESSED WITH THE RESULTS OF ANGELS’ EYES!!!

Amy Lake

Cody is a walking advertisement for Angels’ Eyes! The first thing that friends notice, after seeing him for the first time in the past weeks, is the dramatic difference in the whiteness of his face. They say that they wouldn’t have believed it if they hadn’t actually seen it. I can tell you that there have been lots of new visitors to your website since seeing how effective this product has been for Cody. We’ll be happy to continue talking about Angels’ Eyes to anyone interested because we truly appreciate it and know that others will also if they just give it a try.

Elaine and Cody

This is Betsi before beginning Angel’s Eyes and 3 months after taking Angel’s Eyes. I always tried to clean her face before I took her picture to keep the red from showing, but as you can see you can not clean these old red blood cells from white hair. I truly think your product is wonderful and being a Registered Nurse, I looked up the ingredients and approve of the product you sell.

Barbara Peterson

Just wanted to include some photos of our Toy poodle Harley who has been using Angel Eyes since July 06. The pictures are proof that the product cleared up the unsightly tear stains. I had tried everything available on the shelf and nothing worked until now. Thank you Angel Eyes now our puppy is as adorable as we knew she could be. We would appreciate receiving a free bottle of Angel Eyes with our next order. Thank you .

Crystal Mackey, Roseneath, Ontario Canada

Everyone, including 2 vets, said that we couldn’t do anything about tear staining. We did talk to a Breeder who told us about Angels’ Eyes. We were a bit skeptical but decided to try it. As you can see it worked!! The first picture was taken on Feb. 27 and the second one was taken on Mar. 21st. What a difference. We are so happy with Angels Eyes. We did ask our vet about the safety of giving it to our puppy and she said there is no harmful ingredients in it, to continue to use it.

John & Pat Morgan

Cosmo had such a bad tearing problem that the skin around his eyes was often sore from being constantly wet. Then we found Angels’ Eyes. Cosmo is much happier and so much more beautiful! I see on your website that you have many before and after pictures. Please add Cosmo’s to the group.

Barbara Kriss

Our 11 month old toy poodle, Abby, has been on Angels’ Eyes for about 6 weeks. There has been a remarkable disappearance of the stains below her eyes. We had tried several other products but they were quite ineffective. We will certainly recommend Angels’ Eyes to anyone. Thanks to the gentleman working at the Cal Tech post office who recommended Angels Eyes to us!

George C Christy

I was skeptical, but having a beautiful shih tzu puppy with ugly tear stains was worth trying anything to correct the problem. The pictures show what success I have had with your product. It is a miracle. My little girl looks great.

Barbara Boyd

The difference is amazing! We were rubbing her eyes with all kinds of liquid products without success. It was really distressing because the stains really spoiled the beautiful look of her white face. Now we are getting almost complete clearing and hope with more time to have it all cleared up. We don’t know why your product works so well, but we’re glad it does!

Norbert and Vilma Brunhuber

Using Angels’ Eyes Has cleared Maggie’s eyes. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!! This is my Maltese Angelina


When we brought home our little baby girl Mimi, she was so beautiful with a wonderful outgoing personality. We started taking portraits of her and that’s when we noticed that her tear stains were a problem. Not only were her eyes stained but her face around her muzzle was stained as well. After just 4 weeks of using Angel Eyes, her face was getting more and more white. This product is amazing and I tell everyone about this product. I can’t stop bragging about Angels’ Eyes.

Monica Campos

I have attached the pictures it worked we have been using it for two months

Sari Finkel

Aloha! These pics are for the before & after photos with the miraculous angel eyes!


Here’s my before and after photos. Fantastic product great results. Been telling everyone I see about ANGELS EYES. Only took two weeks for my Bichon to look beautiful again.

Sugars Mom

I have 3 white therapy dogs… all had tear stains. All of them are cleared up thanks to Angels Eyes. This is my Peek-a-Pom before and after…All of them were this dramatic! Thank you

Ann Price

Here’s before and after pictures of my little dog, Buddy! Thanks!

Catherine Griffin

We have 2 Maltese brothers that could not be more different looking. Max has always had rust colored tear stains even after diligent cleaning. We have tried every product on the market. Nothing worked. Until….Angels’ Eyes! Angels’ Eyes is Wonderful!!! We started to see results in as little as 2 weeks but after a month there was a complete change. Max looks so great as you can see in the photos. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

Tammy and Mark Rolon

I’ve shown you Lily’s results before, but they truly continue to improve. Her coat is incredibly white and absolutely NO tear stains or red face. When we got her the breeder told me she had a tan face and feet. She doesn’t anymore!! Thank you so much!!


Here are some before and after pictures of my Shih Tzu Myah. I have tried every remedy I ran across to help with her tear stains. Since using Angeld’ Eyes I have gotten so many compliments on how great her face looks. I even think it may have helped with some stains on her front teeth as well. I will forever be a loyal customer. Thanks so much!


Here is a picture of our 4 month old, long hair Chihuahua, Gus. Wow, what a difference! Thank you for making such a great product! He is so handsome now!

Maureen Haworth

This is our five year old Maltese, Louie. He never had a hint of tear stains until last fall. Louie’s brother Petie had the stains since he was a young puppy. Petie is my Parents Maltese of the same litter but these two are very different dogs. So when Louie started getting the stains last fall, we knew how to get it fixed, Angels’ Eyes Now we have our prized King Louis Edward in top form.

Our Lhasa Apso, Gimli, joined our family at 8 weeks old. Even at that young age, his eyes looked tired with the dark brownish tear stains. I was disappointed to think his beautiful face would be stained his whole life. I asked a friend, the owner of a Bichon Frise, if she knew of anything that would help. She told me about Angels’ Eye, and how she had tried everything before, and nothing worked. She proclaimed that this was the most amazing solution. We ordered it immediately and are absolutely thrilled with the results! Our vet has given his approval, and I am now hoping to have our local pet supplier get involved to sell your product to more people! I love telling everyone how miraculous it really is! Gimli’s face is white and his eyes are bright. Thank you!

Mary Jo and Gimli, Michigan

7 year old Millie’s picture was taken the day I rescued her 2 years ago, the after is Miss Millie today and using Angels’ Eyes… 7 year old Marley was the one with HORRIBLE eye stain… the operative word – “WAS”… I would gladly sell this stuff on a street corner… I believe in it so much I’m CONFIDENT I could sell it !!! Just read all the stories here and BELIEVE them… My little ones are bright and white today, thanks 100% to Angels’ Eyes…

Thanks to your product, our puppy, Dewey is much improved! Amazing results! See photos! Can’t believe it!!!

Helayne & Joel Rosenblum

I have been using Angel’s Eyes on my toy poodle Sophie for about 2 months now and her tear stains have disappeared. Now she is sparkling clean!


I was desperate to get rid of the ugly tearing staining on my otherwise beautiful dog, Kaylee. After trying several products and methods with no success, it was suggested that I try Angels’ Eyes. After only two and a half months of use her tear staining has completely cleared up. THANK YOU ANGELS’ EYES!

Taylor Family – Christiansburg, VA

Just wanted to say how happy I am to have found Angel’s Eyes! There was so much discoloration around Clover’s face and on his feet and legs, but after using the product he is back to his natural color! I was definitely skeptical at first, having been misled by so many shampoos and wipes. Since it seemed so natural (no chemicals/whiteners, etc.) I gave it a shot…glad I did. So easy and it never bothered Clover in anyway (he has many allergies). Just after a few weeks I noticed new hair growing in that was much whiter and brighter. After using it for a couple months and a few trips to the groomer to cut out the old stained hair, there has been no new staining and he just glows! The pictures say it all. Thank you folks!


When this dear little boy was given to me, he looked very sad and had badly stained fur around his eyes which had been clipped almost to the skin. I ordered Angel Eyes and within a couple of weeks there was a significant improvement, the staining was clearing and his eyes were open round and wide. Mr Raffles even came second for Dog in Best condition at a Charity Dog Show to raise money for abandoned dogs. I have told friends about your product and I will always use it.

Wendy LeFevre

Kosmo is my 1 year old Maltese. Even after his adult teeth were in-he had quite a bit of trouble with tear staining. He was, of course, still cute as can be to me-but now that his face is clean and white-I want to kiss him even more. Angel Eyes is a GREAT product!! I had him on your product for only 12 days and just look at him now! Thanks so much for a great product!


I’m Germana and I live in Italy. My little tea cup poodle Halley come from Louisiana !!! She arrived six month ago and under her eyes had a big read stain… But I find Angels’ Eyes and after six months of treatment hers eyes are gorgeous!!! Thank you very much by me and by my little ‘Princess’…

I just had to write and THANK YOU for creating this miracle product! My Lolly is truly proud of herself and knows she looks beautiful! Her whole demeanor has changed! I have been using Angel Eyes for 8 weeks and am still amazed at the difference! Thank you thank you thank you for my beautiful girl!

PH Lakewood, Washington

Hello! I just wanted to write to tell you about how wonderful this product is! I have a 9 month old teacup poodle named Angelica. I started her on Angel Eyes about 3 months ago. Before I started using this Angel Eyes the staining from her tears around her eyes was terrible! She was constantly itching her eyes and the odor was awful. Her breath also had a terrible odor. I knew I had to do something about it, so I searched online and found Angel Eyes. I was amazed at all of the success stories and I was hoping Angelica would have just as good results, and she did!!! I started seeing a difference about 2-3 weeks into using this product. It is so simple to sprinkle a little in with her food and she loves the taste! Her tears are now clear. She is no longer itching and the odor of her tears and her breath is completely gone! It is truly amazing! I have recommended this product to many of my friends and family who have dogs that have this same problem. I am sold on this product and I will be buying it again and again. Thanks so much!

Our eighteen month old Maltese, Whitnee Snow, has been using Angel Eyes for about nine months and we are very pleased with the stain results that have been achieved.


Just wanted to take a moment to commend you on a product that REALLY WORKS! WOW! Sometimes we forget how bad Mimi’s tear stains were before we started using your product. We took the leap of faith to try it and we couldn’t be more pleased. These are before and after pics of two of my puppies. it worked amazing!!!

Shawn and Sherry


I just want to say thank you so much for producing a product for dogs/cats which actually works! I was unsure about trying Angel Eyes, but after buying every other product on the market for removing ugly tear stains for my Maltese, I decided to buy Angel Eyes. It was definitely worth the cost, my dog’s staining completely disappeared and he is now beautiful and pure white. I’d recommend this product to any dog or cat owner! It worked so well! Rating: 10/10.



My dog Sadie had the worst tear stains ever and being a white dog, the stains really stood out. Since she was the first small dog I had ever owned, I didn’t know what to do. My vet recommended Angels Eyes, and I’m so glad she did. Just using Angels Eyes for one month made a huge difference in Sadie’s appearance. She looked vibrant and beautiful, instead of tired and unhealthy. This is a miracle product. I continuously recommend Angels Eyes to anyone I meet that has a dog with tear stains. I now also purchase Angels Eyes shampoo and tear stain wipes just to keep a fresh daily look. I am so happy with the Angels Eyes line and I will never buy anything else!

Jennifer N.