Splash Away the Summer with These Water Safety Tips for Dogs!

The sun is shining, and the weather is nice. Time for you and your favorite pooch to get out and play. Most dogs love swimming and playing in water, but if you’re not careful, it can create a dangerous situation for your pet. Follow these guidelines to help keep your pup safe in the water.

General Water Safety

Seawater, minerals, salt, chlorine, algae, and pollution can be harsh on puppy’s skin and fur. Be sure to dry your dog’s ears completely to prevent an infection. Try an ear cleaner that has a drying agent in it like the Coastal Breeze Ear Rinse from Angel’s Eyes.

Teach Your Dog to Swim

Take your pup from puddle to pool. If your dog loves splashing around, he will probably love going for a dip in a larger body of water. But not all dogs are natural born swimmers. Build your pooch’s swimming skills by gradually teaching him the basics. Start off in shallow water, in a quiet spot with minimal distractions. Keep your dog’s leash on at first for extra security. You may have to get in the water with him to make him feel more comfortable.

If he doesn’t want to go in, don’t force him. The water isn’t for all dogs. With a few more trips, your dog may get used to the water.

Fun at The Beach

Puppies love sun, surf, and sand as much as humans too. While not all beaches allow dogs, the ones that do can be a great place to get some outdoor time with your dog. Unfortunately, the beach also comes with its own set of hazards. Watch out for strong currents and rip tides which can be very dangerous for both you and your dog.

Ocean water and debris can make your dog sick. You should keep your dog away from fish that have washed up to shore, they can make a dog very ill. It’s best to pack snacks and fresh water for your dog to enjoy while you’re out.

Playing in the Pool

Does your dog like to dive into your backyard pool? While a splash in the pool can be great exercise for your dog, you will want to keep a close eye on him to make sure he does so safely.

First, you should put a fence around your pool to keep your dog out when it isn’t time to swim. If you use a cover on your pool, make sure the material lets rainwater drip through. Dogs can drown in the puddles that form on top of pool covers.

Make sure there are steps or a ramp to help your dog get in and out. Take time to show your dog where and how to safely enter and exit the pool.

Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds

Rivers and creeks have currents too, make sure they are not too strong before letting your dog in. If you’re going out on a boat, make sure your dog wears a life jacket. Also, avoid water if you see blue-green algae. It can make your dog sick.

With these tips, you are all set to enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer with your pooch. Visit www.angelseyesonline.com for more tips and advice about caring for your dog.

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