Dog Park Safety and Etiquette

At Angels’ Eyes, we know our furry friends are part of the family. When we first bring them home we try our best to have everything in the house ready. We figure out the best ways to train them. For example, we teach them to not chew furniture and we house-break them. However, a problem that often occurs and most people forget is outdoor etiquette. Taking your dog to the park or out for a walk is a whole different experience than coming home. Don’t get scared, here are some dog safety tips you should follow if you are taking your pup to the dog park.

  • Just like you would check out a place for you before you attended. Check out the dog park before you bring your pup. Talk to other dog owners and ask them about the things they like. Make sure that you also see if the other dogs are friendly and if there are mostly big or small dogs or maybe a good mixture of both. At this time, make sure you also read the park rules and hours.
  • Remember the park rules you need to check out. Most, parks ask that all dogs are up to date on their vaccinations. Be sure to confirm with your veterinarian if your pup is good to go.
  • Once you check out the park and clear things off with your veterinarian, you can take your dog to the park. Attending the park after work or on the weekends may intimidate your four-legged friend. So, be sure to have your first trip to the park during low hours. This is a new experience for your dog, have it be fun one.
  • When you get to the park, and you see it’s safe to take your dog off the leash, do so right away. Most dogs show leash aggression when a dog is on a leash while others aren’t.
  • At the park, be alert and always keep an eye on your dog. Do not sit and read or take a call and walk away from your dog. The park is a perfect place to play with your them. So, if your dog doesn’t mind sharing, bring a toy. If they like to keep their toys to themselves, just bring some treats. Be sure to ask other owners before sharing those dogs treats.
  • There’s a chance that one of your trips to the park might not just be for play. You have to learn to recognize the difference between play and aggression. If a fight does break out, DO NOT get in the middle of it. Throw a sweater or some water to the brawlers. If your pup is not involved, take him out of the park for the day.

It is important to note that you try to have your dog meet with other dogs before you take them to the park. This is a safety step for your dog and for others. At that point, you will be able to see how your dog interacts with others. If your dog is too rough when they play, or if they’re intimidated by other dogs, they might need more interaction. Set up more visits with the same dogs before you take them to the park. Other than that, at Angels’ Eyes, we encourage you to remember all the dog park safety tips, fun and enjoy the day at the park with your furry friend.

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