How to Notice Signs of Cataracts in Your Pets

How to Notice Signs of Cataracts in Your Pets Any dog owner knows that, over time, watching for decline heath due to aging becomes important. Ensuring that our canine friends are happy and healthy well into the future means keeping an eye on them. Eye conditions become more frequent as dogs mature into adulthood. Cataracts … Read more

How to Care for a Puppy that Destroys Things

How To Care For A Puppy That Destroys Things It has happened to most dog owners. You bring your adorable puppy home for the first time and things seem fine at first. Then, suddenly, you wake up to utter chaos. Your precious pooch has chewed his or her way through cords, carpets, clothing, shoes, blankets, … Read more

Caring for Pets in Extreme Weather Conditions

With Hurricane Season in full swing and the cold, blizzard-filled Winter just around the corner, it’s important to know how to best care for your pets in these extreme weather situations. Here are a few tips to ensure your pet stays safe and healthy in any weather event. Hurricanes Hurricanes can bring strong, damaging winds … Read more

Traveling with Your Pet During the Holidays

Hitting the road for the Holidays? Don’t leave your puppy behind. Dogs can make great travel buddies if their needs are properly met. Of course, you will need to make the trip as safe and comfortable as possible for both you and your fluffy passenger. Here are a few Pet Care tips from Angels’ Eyes … Read more

The Effects Plants May Have On Dogs

Have you ever caught your dog acting strange? Perhaps in the presence of plants? Knowing the effects of plants on your pup is an important part of caring for your dog. While some plants may be poisonous, even the harmless ones can cause your dog to react. Some dogs go into a slow-moving meditation-like state … Read more

Splash Away the Summer with These Water Safety Tips for Dogs!

The sun is shining, and the weather is nice. Time for you and your favorite pooch to get out and play. Most dogs love swimming and playing in water, but if you’re not careful, it can create a dangerous situation for your pet. Follow these guidelines to help keep your pup safe in the water. … Read more

Did You Know? Healthy People Food – It’s Not Just for Humans!

One look into those “soulful angels eyes” and you’re ready to hand over your entire dinner! At Angels’ Eyes, we get it! Our sweet furry bundles of love have a way of “coaxing” us to giving them a bit of “people food” and some like it so much, it “begs the question” – is it … Read more

Routine, Reward, Repeat – Getting Your Puppy “to go” in the Right Spot!

Your new fuzzy “bundle of joy” is, no doubt, showering you with kisses, licks and cuddles, and probably some “puddles” or “presents” to clean-up. It comes with the territory until your “new baby” is at least 12 to 16 weeks old. That’s when he (or she) has enough control to learn how “to hold it” … Read more


Puppies – so cute yet so prone to jumping, nipping, chewing & barking. At Angels Eyes, we know of a few simple “dog training” techniques that can help you discourage undesirable behaviors before they become routine. These techniques, by the way, work well with adult dogs too! Guess that means older dogs can learn new … Read more

Panicked Pooch to Playful Pup: Dog Safety Tips to Weather Thunderstorms

From a drop in barometric pressure to the sound of thunder and a strike of lightning, if your dog goes “into a tailspin” when a storm approaches, here are some helpful tips to help calm his or her fears. As an immediate response, think “dog safety” and provide a protected area for your pet. Close … Read more

Dog Safety Tips to Keep Your Canine Cool & Comfortable During Hot Summer Days

It’s that time of the year again! The summer sun is not letting up, and just as we should take precautions to protect ourselves from the summertime rays, we must do the same for our canine family members, too. Dog safety precautions are extremely important to ensure that your canine is protected from the heat, … Read more

How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny and Silky

Just like we take care of our skin by applying lotion and taking vitamins, we also have to be mindful of our furry friend’s coat. Part of owning a dog is the privilege of petting them especially when they have a soft, silky, and shiny coat. However, depending on the season, a dog’s coat can … Read more

Dog Park Safety and Etiquette

At Angels’ Eyes, we know our furry friends are part of the family. When we first bring them home we try our best to have everything in the house ready. We figure out the best ways to train them. For example, we teach them to not chew furniture and we house-break them. However, a problem … Read more

Dog Walking Safety

Walking your dog is part of the responsibility that comes with being a dog owner. This task also requires you to have some training techniques in case you run into extreme weather conditions or walk at night. You want to make sure that you are using the right tools and have the proper knowledge when … Read more

Pet Care Tips: Poisonous Foods for Dogs

There are a variety of foods in the world that are delicious, but just because we like them, doesn’t mean dogs should try them. The list of foods often varies based on breed, weight, and other contributing factors. We have made a list of the top five foods that are poisonous to all dogs. Whether … Read more


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